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Mussel Men© are created from mussel shells found along the shores of Maine. The faces are formed of polymer clay and are completely unique from one shell to the next. Because mussel shells vary greatly in size, we have created two types of Mussel Men. The large type has glass eyes, a much more detailed face and are formed on larger shells. The small type have less detail and are formed on small shells. Bring a little enchantment into your life with these unique friends.

Shell face sculptures have been added to this collection are are formed using polymer clay on larger shells of various kinds. This larger platform offers a unique opportunity to create a much more detailed sculpture.

Large Santas with glass eyes
Small Santas
Large Wizards with glass eyes
Small Wizards
Old Salts
Large Old Salts with glass eyes
Small Old Salts
Tree Gnomes
Small Tree Gnomes
Small Pirages
Steampunk Wizard
Steampunk wizard mussel man   
Large Steampunk Wizards with glass eyes
Shell Face Sculptures
Sculptures on clam shell, Artist: Sandra J. Clement
Sculpture on scallop shell, Artist: Sandra J. Clement
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